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My Services

Fertility Doula

As a fertility doula, I offer emotional and physical support through periods of preconception, trying to conceive, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, termination, fertility treatments, IUI, IVF and so much more.

Additionally, I offer education and resources around optimizing fertility, improving egg & sperm quality, tracking your menstrual cycle, what to expect when seeing a fertility specialist, understanding IVF, and how to navigate loss.

However your fertility journey plays out, I am here to offer support, care, resources and sisterhood as you walk this path.

A one time fertility support meeting can be scheduled in person or virtually. The cost for this service is $120. 

For long term fertility support, you can book a support package which may include: 

  • An initial consultation to better understand your situation and fertility goals. 

  • Biweekly check ins (virtual or in person). As well as unlimited text and email support. 

  • Help creating a customized fertility plan. 

  • Access to resources and education to optimize fertility. 

  • Support and care through loss.

4 Week Session: $450

8 Week Session: $825

12 Week Session: $1200

Birth Doula

As a Birth Doula, I offer continuous support to the birthing person and any partners during labor and delivery. I provide education, emotional support, physical support, and advocacy on your behalf. While I can help you learn about childbirth, if that is what you are looking for, it is never my role to tell you how to birth. I am there to help you achieve the birth that works for you. 

My Birth Support Package includes a free 30 minute consultation for us to get acquainted and decide if we are a good fit. Additionally, we will have two prenatal visits to establish our relationship, provide resources, and share goals for labor and birth. From that point, I will be on call for your birth month. When you go into labor and are ready for my support, I will come to the birth location of your choice to support your family through the birth. This package also includes one postpartum visit to use as you wish. 

Investment for this package: $1400

Postpartum Doula

As a postpartum doula, my goal is to step in during those early hazy days after birth and offer care for parents in a way that feels supportive to them. This could look like: 

  • Newborn Care: establishing feed/sleep routines and allowing time for rest and recovery for the parents. 

  • Sibling Care: guidance around integrating new baby, how to talk to older children. 

  • Household Support: laundry, dishes, errands, organizing, you name it. 

  • Meal Prep: cooking, meal train, grocery delivery.


The price for this service is $40 per hour. 

Newborn Care 

As a Newborn Care Specialist, I am available for daytime care for your newborn. Whether heading back to work, or just looking for some support in caring for your newborn, I will be there to help you navigate those early days with your little one. We will work together as a care team to create a eat, play, sleep routine that supports your newborn and sets your family up for success. 

The price for this service is $40 per hour 

I believe strongly that all people deserve access to high quality fertility, labor and postpartum support. If the cost of doula services is a hindrance to you to access this type of care, please reach out! I am happy to accommodate you with payment plan options, trades, or discounted rates. 

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